Go, Go Magic Red Sox Baby Socks!

Courtney over at the Midvale School has requested that everyone in and of the Red Sox Nation get their faith hats on and give the Red Sox the extra push they needed to force a game 7 in the ALCS.

We went a step further and broke out the fabled and powerful Red Sox Baby Socks that propelled the team to winning the World Series a couple of years ago. Then it was Grady's turn to don the socks and turn the tables.

This time around it is Sullivan's turn to use the magic. And boy, oh boy did it work last night! The completely annihilated the Indians and brought the series back to even at three apiece.

You can bet those socks will be in effect tonight for the series finale.

[Update: I had merely pulled the magic socks out and they were doing a fine job. But I wanted to make sure the Red Sox sent the Indians packing. So, in the 7th inning, I put them on Sullivan and then Ellsbury got on via the error on literally the next pitch and then Pedroia hit the two run jack. He's sleeping in his bed with them on now and the Red Sox are starting to make it ugly! Woohoo, go magic socks! That is now eight (8) runs since the magic socks got put on!]