We Didn't Start This War.....

But we are certainly going to finish it and win.

I am not talking about Iraq, I'm talking about the mice that have decided that our house is a safe haven. I wonder if they know our cat has been declawed (not something we did, she came that way when we adopted her)? Or maybe they just came over from the wankers who used to live next door but had to move because he couldn't afford his mortgage and child support payments to his daughter because she sued him for them?

Either way, it doesn't matter, traps are being set and placed, the mice are no longer welcome and though we are engaging in a catch and release war, we shall prevail!

The question is where to release them when we do catch them? My wife thinks the slough is fine but it isn't all that far from here and they could pretty easily just wait until nightfall and then come back up the hill.

The traps we're using are the kind that you put some cheese or peanut butter in the end and then set the door. When the mouse enters, its own weight triggers the door to drop down and lock it in.

We don't want them dead, we just don't want them living here.

Updates as the war progresses.