Presenting My First MTB Video

I came away with some good lessons from my first ever mountain bike mounted video recording yesterday afternoon with Nande. The most important is to set the camera for faster recording. And some decent footage that I've put to music and am uploading to YouTube as we speak.

The best part, in my estimation, is Nande playing "rabbit" and running out in front of me for a good portion of the ride.

Anyway, here's the video for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think. As usual, YouTube's compression algorithms have made the video alot smaller and alot less viewable. I think I'll upload my own local copy and replace the one below. YouTube makes it easy to get online but I am never very happy with the product they produce, too grainy, blotchy and hard(er) to watch. I uploaded the larger version over on NorCal Bikers, don't know why the title page is posted beneath the vid though.