County Fair Deal or No Deal

I'll go with No Deal, Howie.

At least there wasn't a deal to be had in terms of tickets. Tickets for adults were $9 at the door or $8 online. Which sounds like a little bit of a deal. However, for each ticket purchased online they assessed a "convenience fee" of $1 which completely negated the deal. And you have to pay to print out the tickets yourself as well.

No Deal.

But the fair was a good time and we had alot of fun exploring things, petting llamas and emus and having corn dogs and strawberry lemonade. And Grady really, really, really enjoyed the chance to explore a real fire truck. He must have climbed into it fifteen times.

The best part is that we hit it before the final weekend madness. Tonight, tomorrow and Sunday are going to be crazy out there and we really wanted no part at all of that. There was a crowd today but it was far smaller than what we'd face tomorrow.

And I got some really good photographs of some award winning Dahlias, among other neat stuff. But $18 for two adult tickets and $5 for parking turned out to be a pretty good deal for all the entertainment we got.