We are Pod

I took my boys out for a walk along West Cliff above the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. This was taken right about Steamer Lane and is indicative of the random and cool nature of this town.

While I prefer my bikes to be open topped two wheelers, I bet this guy could carry good speed pretty easily. And the aluminum foil roof helps deflect brain control signals from government satellites, of course.

And we saw a snake, a big, four foot alive snake just getting warmed up in the sun. Grady thought the rock out in the water covered in albatrosses was pretty neat. He also particularly enjoyed one place where the wave coming in was forced into a narrow area so it crashed and splashed upward to the walkway.

If there'd been a bathroom midway, we would have gone all the way out to Natural Bridges. But alas, no, three cups of coffee must be dealt with.

Still, it was a really nice walk and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.