Toy Recalls and Executive Suicides

The second toy recall in as many weeks by Mattel was announced this morning and one of the toys being recalled is sitting on my desk right now. Check the site to see if any Mattel toys you've got have been recalled.

Its Sarge from the Pixar movie, Cars.

He, apparently, has too high levels of lead in the paint on his roof or something. Which is interesting because I always thought his character in the movie was the barmiest of the bunch.

By the way, Mattel, trying to pop up ads while navigating your product recall pages is just plain stupid. Unless you're selling a lead decontamination kit and its free, I am most definitely not interested.

What I don't get is why any level of lead in paint is acceptable? Lead does bad, bad things to developing brains. I don't get how any lead paint can be used in any toy, it just makes no sense unless you're a Chinese conspiracy theorist and want to think that they are intentionally trying to dumb down America some more. But that's a little out there.

What does lead add to paint that makes it worthwhile to add? Can it be worth it when one executive has committed suicide over the recall already? And what a statement he has made about taking responsibility for the damage. Can you imagine an American executive doing the same thing? I know I can't, unless he was facing permanent jail time or worse (whatever that could be).

[Update: Here's a link to the government list of toy hazard recalls. Scary stuff!]