Brace Yourselves, We're Going In

Last night, just before bed (of course), my laptop started acting funny and making noises that someone might describe as funny but I'd describe as expensive. And then I started to get cascading application crashes, total hang ups and ten to fifteen minute reboot times.

After futzing with it for a while and getting it to limp back to something resembling a working condition, I went to bed.

And then ended up spending the better part of the day trying to bring the sucker back to life. Which did wonders for my mood.

Oh yeah, this is the same laptop that I just dropped $500 on five weeks ago to replace a frying video card.

Anyway, after much wranglgin, swearing and diagnostic work I arrived at the diagnosis, a dying hard drive. Wonder-fucking-ful!

Luckily I happen to have several spare laptop hard drives around and one 80 gig that is slated for installation shortly. Then I get to see if I can pull my music and photos off the old drive before I smash the sum-bitch into a thousand pieces. I did back up my photos a couple of weeks ago so I'm not overly worried about losing too much. But it is a colossal pain in the ass and I'm not looking forward to breaking the case open. But it has to be done and I'm sure as hell not paying some geek monkey to do it for me.

'Specially when there are these sweet and complete installation guides online, with photos! Now I just need to be extra careful with the connector ribbon cable and I'll be back on the speed(ier) nachine before bedtime. Or I'll have a shiny Apple-branded brick.

BTW, thank fortune for my old war horse Pismo that just keeps chugging along. It ain't fast but it works and that's good enough for now.

[Update: We have arrived on the other side, more or less unscathed. The annoyances now are that my bookmarks are locked up in a dying hard drive on my desk. That and the last few weeks of photos and all of my music from the last year or so (much of the rest of it has been backed up (coincidentally to the hard drive I just installed). Now comes the additional fun of updating apps, losing all of my photo albums and iTunes playlists and lots of other stuff that I won't remember until I need it again. This sucks but at least I've got my machine sort of back.]