Another Morally Bankrupt Republican Isn't Gay

Craig Says 'I Am Not Gay' but he has been under the microscope for a long, long time. And, if he isn't gay then he's definitly bi-sexual because there's just no way around lewd misconduct with men and to not be at least bi.

Which is fine, if you aren't a freakin' hate-filled hypocrite about it. Which Idaho Senator Larry Craig most certainly is.

Is it bad of me that I delight in watching these holier-than-thou moralists (I wonder if he was one of the one's shouting for Clinton's impeachment when he got a blowjob from Monica Lewinsky? shouldn't be too hard to find out) getting caught with their pants down in men's room and not so they can go to the bathroom? Probably but it really does make me laugh.

Sorry, I just want to poke some more fun at Senator (soon to be ex-Senator) Craig. Here's let put words in his mouth, instead of strange men's penises in public bathrooms.
"I am not gay because I am filled with self-loathing after engaging in man to man sexual relations and that means I am not gay, so there."
"I am not gay but sometimes I fantasize about Erik Estrada and strip searches."
"I am not gay but I've played one on closed circuit tv."
"I am not gay because I have children that I fathered, with a woman. So that makes me totally not gay."
"I am not gay but I am open to new kinds of experiences with strange men while travelling."
"I am not gay but I read it in a magazine once and wanted to try it before I decided I wasn't gay. My findings weren't conclusive the first three hundred times so I was doing one last check to make sure I am not gay."

I'd feel sorry for the old guy but he's taken his stand politically and his sexuality is his own enemy. Talk about compartmentalization and cognitive dissonance.