Yard Fruit

After taking last year off, our purple plum tree has delivered unto us a fruitful bounty. Over the last couple of weeks we've pulled and picked a couple hundred dark purple plums that have a very sweet flesh contrasted with a tart skin. They are quite delicious.

And, just this morning, I checked our dwarf peach tree with Grady and found that there are several peaches on it that are soft and come off quite easily in one's hand. They are not full sized peaches, they run about half sized but they are extremely fragrant and sweet.

There's nothing I like better than home grown fruits (my tomato plant is also fruiting). Which reminds me, we want to get a lemon and a lime tree to plant. We've talked about building in planter boxes on the hill that looks out over the street because it gets such phenomenal sun.

Geez, three posts before 9 today? That'll happen when you wake up at 6 and the kids aren't awake until after 7.