What I Learned Last Night

I learned that our tent is too small for four people and a dog. Three people would probably be alright as long as one of those people was Grady or Sully sized. But two of them and two adults is too much.

But I slept well on the air mattress despite the expected leakage. The ground was bumpy but it felt smooth and comfy to me.

I didn't really care for the pincer bug that crawled across me in the night and left me with more phantom tick attacks than I've already been having. But it was a nice night and not a bad way to learn that we've outgrown our tent.

Better to learn it in the backyard than a couple of hours away from home on Lake San Antonio or Big Sur.

But the tent would make a nice backup or granny unit for a tow camp trailer. While I'm at it, we need a boat too. And a small plane would be nice, as well. Maybe that cool one with the canards and push-prop and swept back wings that keeps flying by? Sure, that'd be fine.