Sully Puts the Toy in Toilet

I know Grady went through his stage where he was fascinated with all things toilet. Heck, here's a photo of him standing in the toilet (and looking rather non-plussed about it). But he got through that stage pretty quickly or, at least, it seemed like it.

Sully, on the other hand, delights in finding a bathroom with the door open, going in, lifting the lid and splash, splash, splashing himself until he's thoroughly drenched.

And it occurred to me today that the word, toilet, sounds far too similar to the word, toy. Like its a little toy or a toy for girls. I don't know.

I do know I'm ready for him to be done with the toilet water. But it does make him screech with glee (yes, my little boy screeches like a banshee crossed with a hyena). The combination of Grady running around shouting with joy and then Sully chasing him, toddler style with lots of side to side and falling, screeching at levels high enough to shatter eardrums, or close to it, is entertaining as heck!