Little Engines That Could and Can

We've been chugging along for several weeks now. It doesn't feel like there has really been any break for a long time. And we're all tired. But just a couple more days and then things should settle back down to whatever passes for normal.

We've been doing quite a lot of family stuff, lots of fun really. After coming back from Mexico, we've spent time with cousins and grandparents, more cousins and uncles, stepmoms and cousins again. BBQ's, county fairs, train rides, trips to the aquarium, walks out on jetties.

And, in couple of days, we'll celebrate Grady's birthday. It'll be great fun, I'm sure and I'm looking forward to playing around in the bounce house (a castle this year). But I'm also really looking forward to Monday morning when things start to return to a less random and more scheduable existence again.

I've also taken lots and lots of photographs with my new camera. Have built my professional site, even found a great printing company to handle the e-commerce side of the arrangement. A few more key steps (like getting business cards printed) and I really should be able to start working for real.

Next week should be a less complex week. And I fully expect to get at least one good long bike ride in, preferably with Nande. Hopefully, several good rides but I don't want to sound greedy.