The Internet Is NOT the Great Information Leveler

Infoporn: Despite the Web, Americans Remain Woefully Ill-Informed

The internet has long been heralded as this great source of information to make the world a smarter and more informed place.

Sadly, the reality is that Americans are less informed now than they were in 1989.

And who's at the bottom of the stack? People who watch Fox News, the worst and most openly biased "news" channel on the box. The reportage they do is so awful and skewed and just wrong, it is no wonder. Of course, the sponsored shows that are literally nothing but lies piled on lies don't help inform the viewers, they just help "validate" some pretty offensive perspectives.

People who watch The Daily Show, a fake news program, are far better informed about the world than viewers of Fox News. And that is just pathetically sad really.