Honesty and Decency Get Bitchslapped by Bush (again)

I can't be the only one who's outraged over Bush's partial pardon of Cheney's lapdog, Scooter. The shockingly overt wrongness of this pardon by the people Scooter was protecting is wrong on so many levels that I just can't even fully comprehend the monstrous balls this took.

This is like having the warden be your partner in crime and is so deeply wrong that I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't result in furhter investigation and charges and crimes that Bush won't be able to just to erase by his will.

Of course, it isn't like his approval rating can sink any further, he's at his rabid base who will blame everything he's fudged all to hell on liberals because that's what the talking heads tell them. I bet they've explored pre-emptive pardons for their own pending charges.

Why yes, I am feeling extra cynical today.