There Is No Such Thing As Too Fast

Not when you are waiting for a package to be delivered, not when you're bombing back down some redwood forest single track trying to keep from wiping out or causing one of the two dogs to go tumbling down the steep hill below.

Well, there is too fast in that second instance but most of the time its alright to let 'er rip. I've been quite successful at not getting shredded by the overgrown pricker groves we pass through on the way in and out. Just a few when I could look like I lost a fight with a gang of cats.

We had another good ride this afternoon, no diggers for either of us but I did get to give some whippersnappers a little comeuppance. They thought they'd smoked us and stopped to catch their breath when I came ripping up behind them. HA!

But when a package is en route (according to UPS and their departure scans) and there's no update for a few days, you might start to get antsy too. As in, that camera had better get here before we fly out on Friday.

Luckily, Staples is having a Dads and Grads Sale right now and camera memory is on special. I will eventually need a bunch of memory cards but just a couple should work for now. And a spare battery, of course. And I wouldn't mind one of these lenses. In case anyone wants to make my day.