The Lameness of Being Paris

Poor, poor Paris Hilton. Almost two full days in the slammer and she nearly had a mental breakdown. I mean, come on, the cocaine they have behind bars is nowhere near as good as what she's used to. And she didn't have her personal valet wipe her royal sphincter when she was done laying her golden eggs (that don't smell in the least).

Seriously, the message I get from her being released from jail so early is that money get really get you anything.

I was hoping she'd become someone's girlfriend.

Yes, sending her to prison was over the top but it won't be when she screws up next time. Can you say Third Strike? Yeah, I knew you could. And this idiot bimbo won't be able to avoid her own stupidity for too long.

Am I being tawdry? Sure, so what. I hate celebrity glad-handing and I'm sick of people with buckets of cash getting away with crimes that would put me behind bars forever. There is no justice in a system that allows the rich to walk free for a crime that would put a lower class person away.

[Update: Good.]