Blind in One Eye and My Ears are Ringing But I Survived

We went to the Gilroy outlets this afternoon. A fun drive up and over Hecker Pass and then down into the oven-set-to-high that is Gilroy. I can't understand how people can survive there, the heat is just so oppressive.

I'm sure it is fantastic at night, much like Phoenix in the summertime at night. What a blast it was, out until four in the morning wearing shorts and a tank top, drunk as skunks, of course. But that was a long time ago in a state far, far away.

Today was Gilroy and the same dry heat. And that's fine, it makes you want to stay in the stores longer, oh, the lovely air conditioned stores. Of course, with a fidgety three year old, one place isn't going to do for too long. Unless that place is Chuck E Cheese and then its the adults that aren't going to last too long.

I felt like I was a ball in a pinball machine in the place. Actually, the best metaphor I can think of for Chuck E Cheese is that its Las Vegas in Training. The noises, lights and decorating scheme are all focused on getting those tokens out of your pockets and into the machines.

The tokens (which are worth a quarter or so, depending on how many you buy at once) are gobbled up with alarming speed. Granted that each game only costs a token but some of the games are pretty piss poor really. Not that it really matters all that much.

Because kids love the place. That is, until they have meltdowns from not getting a nap today. Up until that point, Grady was running around and really enjoying the heck out of himself. And the pizza wasn't bad at all. Overpriced for sure but pretty decently edible.

But I was happy to leave and start to let the ringing and flashing lights clear out of my brain.

And I did get a cool new pair of swim trunks that were on sale so that's something!