Bipolar Laptop

There's an old saying Vermont (and I am sure its used other places as well but I first heard it in Vermont when I was growing up) that goes something like this, "If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes and it'll change."

Somehow that thought's been indoctrinated into my laptop. One moment it will be hunky dory and chugging along properly and then the next it'll gurp and the screen will get covered with scrambled gobbledegook (not a technical term).

Makes me kind of loathe to fire it up at all so as to not get my hopes up only to be dashed again by gobbledegook all over my screen.

And I'm resigned to having to go without it for a little while when it goes in for repairs. I think I'll drop it off before we leave and I'll just mooch computer time off my mom and step-dad.

But for now I'll limp along with partial usage of this machine and alot more usage of my wife's PC and pokey ol' Pismo.