Manners Reflect Poorly on the Parents Most

The first thing I think of when I meet a child or kid with notably good or notably bad manners is that their parents did it. They either raised a kid with good manners or they raised a kid without good manners. The majority, lately it seems, were raised without even an idea of what manners are.

CostCo on Memorial Day Sunday is like exposing one's backside to a weedwhacker, it is gonna hurt.

And the sheer number of people who behave as if they are the only ones there is absolutely fucking annoying. When you're right behind someone and they just stop and abandon their shopping cart, blocking you in the process, and then dart across the aisle, blocking your ability to go around and keep moving, eventually you just want to start dropping elbows. Oh yeah, excuse me doesn't seem to do a thing.

But don't you dare touch their cart. Oh no, no, no. They rush right back to them and shoot daggers at you with their eyes. And haastily push away down the aisle. Only to resume their annoying and self absorbed behaviour almost immediately. It's like a merry go round, only without the music, brass rings or ponies. Or fun. And the ride costs a helluva lot more than fifty cents.

But the prizes are much better, if you do well. The most exciting thing I got at CostCo today was an eight pack of chili, good chili but chili nonetheless, no four pack of Super Soakers with laser aiming for me today. And I also got another firm reminder that, no matter what else, my two children will say "please", "thank you" and "excuse me" loudly and regularly. And only a little bit because I don't want other parents to look at me and judge me a bad parent because my kid's are rude little buggers.

If you've got kids or you are planning on having kids then I would appreciate it if you did the same. The world needs manners, they are all that separate us from the animals.

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