Las Vegas Gets Even Lamer

Vegas tourists turn to scooters : "A tourist could accidentally get some exercise" if they walked from place to place instead of riding on little electric scooters. You know, the kind they sell on tv for old people and fat people and the ridiculously lazy.

I can't wait for the drunk driving accidents on scooters to start piling up and they get banned without a medical permit.

Bicycles or those four wheeled dealies would be a much better, healthier and less ethically challenged solution than allowing perfectly healthy people to use equipment intended for people with medical reason to use it.

God, sometimes I am thoroughly disgusted by my fellow Americans.

But then, I also think Las Vegas is a big, stupid scam. Even though I've been a bunch of times and enjoy myself when I go, I still feel fleeced from the moment I get there until when I leave.

But I did rather enjoy being able to walk around with my beer out in public.