Huzzah, Hurrah, He's ONE Today!

That's right, Sullivan has turned the big corner from sub-1 to 1! He didn't really care all that much except he did get some whipped cream with his pancakes this morning and he thought that was totally cool. Hard to believe that he's been around for a year already. But we've also been seeing friends with their new tiny, tiny babies and yeah, he's HUGE. He's a heffalump baby. But that's a good thing, big plump healthy babies are fun.

Today is also Grady's best pal's birthday, he is turning 3. Sadly, for his birthday he's going to be having surgery on his tonsils. Hopefully this will help him breathe more easily, he's had non-stop congestion for a long time now and none of the meds or therapy have offered any long term relief.

Anyway, Sully's first year has been a bit of a rough one for his family. But it has also been, on the balance, a good year together. Grady is becoming a great big brother with only occasional bad big brother episodes that mostly involve cars and not being able to share them.

We'll be having cake to celebrate tonight and his party will be the weekend after next because the coming weekend has already been reserved for Grady's pal's party.