Happy Five Year Blogging Anniversary to Me!

A good headline gives away the story that follows. A great headline obviates the need for reading the story that follows, unless you're on of those "detail-oriented" types and you need to know the what and where and who and how and why and all that hooha.

It was on March 13th, 2002 that the first tentative bleatings of Intellectual Poison were made. In the beginning, Intellectual Poison wasn't called Intellectual Poison but something really stupid and lame, like Rant-o-Rama or somesuch.

I began blogging after becoming a regular reader to a blog that eventually got outed as a total sham. I won't mention it here because, yes, I'm still peeved at the lengths of deception the man went to in order to sustain his lies.

But history has a way of doing for itself, I can warp my recollections of it but I can't change the fundamental realities of history. Not yet, at least.

Anyway, lets indulge my not-so-inner numbers geek and break it down a bit, eh?

Five years equals 1826 days unless two of those years were leap years but I'm calling it 1826.
Total published posts in that span equals 3707 which works out to just over two posts per day.
In that time I've had 424,832 visitors to the site (not including myself since SiteMeter lets me filter out my own IP address) which averages to 232.65 per day.
I currently write to 14 Blogger blogs, I have one forlorn Vox blog and one WordPress blog that also needs some love soon or it will shrivel up and die. Several of those Blogger blogs are on life support as well, one is private, the rest are niche blogs.
My far and away most popular blog is Wal-Mart is Pure Evil. It accounts for 40-50% of my daily hits.
My all-time most popular story was back when Kobe Bryant had "consensual" sex with that 18 year old in Colorado. I believe I hit 16,000 visitors in a single day on that one. Second to that is the video footage of Randy Johnson destroying a bird with his fastball, I am always amazed when I watch this video. It gets popular around the time baseball season starts to kick up to speed. I'll repost it in the main blog soon to make it a little easier to find.

What else has happened in the last five years?
I've quit one long-held job in protest, returned to a previous company that had laid me off before, worked there for six months and got laid off again. Currently meeting with a career counselor to find a better way to work.
I've gotten married, bought a house, got a dog and had two amazing children.

One of which is demanding my attention right now. Also, please note that I have, until this last line, avoided the use of the word, blogversary, it makes my head hurt.

By the way, I forgot to note that it was Amy's post about forgetting her six year anniversary that made me remember mine.