Celeb News Wrap

We can all rejoice because there will be less Donald "Sucking Lemons" Trump on the idiot box come fall. The Apprentice has been cancelled. Which is good for two reasons, one, it was a pretty limp show to begin with and two, Donald Trump has a face for radio, at best. The ugly putz should not be on TV, ever. His daughter? Sure. Him? Hell no.

And, in other schadenfreude news, Paula Abdul busted her nose trying to avoid stepping on her dog. I no longer try not to step on my dog. If she's going to lay down where she knows I'm going to walk then she's going to get stepped on or kneed on the way through. I'm not breaking my damned nose just because she needs to be in my way, sorry. I wonder if Paula was, ummm, medicated at the time?