My Body Wants a Vacation

In the course of the last three days my left elbow has spent just about all of that time in some various state of nerve unrest. A couple of days ago I was playing with Nande, yes, after she gave me a black and bloody eye, and she accidentally bonked her teeth into my elbow at just the right place.

She made my lower left arm pretty much go numb for a good twenty minutes and then it was intermittently throughout the rest of the day and the next.

And I thought I was almost all better tonight. Aside from being sore from going whip crazy on the weeds yesterday (I created a four foot pile of weeds! fear me!) I was feeling alright. Until I straightened up Grady's bed in anticipation of his going to bed sometime soon.

When I stood up, I didn't hit, I didn't smack, I bashed my elbow into the corner of his bureau. I hit the nerve squarely because it felt like the fourth of July was going off inside my skin. Complete with heat, popping, fizzes and cascading showers of pain. It has settled down somewhat since but it seems very tired and in need of some good rest without the normal 4:30 or so kicking. One can only hope.

And, on that note, I'm going to go and get into bed and see if I can get some rest. Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day. Lots of projects are going to get crossed off! Oh yeah! And, hopefully, we want find anymore ticks, nasty little buggers.