Let's Play a Game

The game is called Baby, Dog, Door, Toddler or Other. Take a look at the photo there and you try to tell me which of the choices caused the damage?

If you chose dog then you chose wisely. Nande decided to show how strong she was by not letting go of a chew toy, when her mouth did give up, the toy flew back and smacked me squarely in the eye. As you might guess, it is a little bit sore. The Advil have helped deflect some of the discomfort but it hurts to blink and I kind of wish I had an eye patch. And not just because my eye is really sensitive to light right now, it would look stylish too!

Then I could have myself a Pirate Easter! Arrr!

[Update: Woke up with a pretty crusty eye. Not sealed shut but not clean. The skin around the eye has purpled up some and it kind of looks like I walked into a pole or something. And it hurts to look at bright things. Happy Easter!]