IP on Imus and Rutgers

Don Imus has gotten into big trouble for stupid off-the-cuff remarks he made about a women's basketball team. I'm wondering if Howard Stern has said these sorts of things and worse? Maybe he hasn't, maybe that's just what they want me to think.

Anyway, I didn't listen to Imus before, this stupidity won't make me listen to him now. I understand the ramifications of overt racism in the media today but really, I couldn't care much less about this. But please, big media and outraged minorities, can we limit the screen time of Imus? He looks like an old leather handbag that gets lemons shoved up his backside all day long. Pretty, he ain't. Not that Stern's any prize either, there's a reason they do radio.

Anyway, "Nappy-haired ho's" is kind of tame. Remember Howard Cosell's "Look at that monkey run"? Now that's an over the top comment. Anyway, to sum up, Imus = Meh. But then, I'm not a nappy-haired ho. Nor did any of the basketball players I saw look like nappy-haired ho's. But my standards might be different.