Advantage: Gringo

I reported to the WorkForce office in Watsonville yesterday morning for my don't-show-up-late 9 am job training appointment. I made it in with several minutes to spare and then found out that the don't-show-up-late part was more a guideline than a hard and fast rule.

But that was fine by me. I got to sit and play my Clie for a few minutes but I do wish I'd brought my coffee. Especially when the receptionist told me the training usually went to 11:30.

When they brought us into the training room, a woman in the corner broke us out into Spanish speaking and English speaking groups. The Spanish speakers stayed in the room we were in and the gringoes followed her into the room next door. Oh sorry, did I say gringoes plural? I meant me. I was the only English speaker there.

Which meant that I was going to get some free, state-required job training and information. And some of it is useful info for someone like me, I'm not a noob to the job market, I have a college degree, I have business experience. I'm not the typical unemployed person in this town and the lady I was working with understood very quickly that I am on top of the process, know all about the web aspect of job searching and, instead of two and a half hours, I was done in under 45 minutes.

Which is how I got to go riding yesterday.