Soaking in Family Time

One benefit to not working in an office full time is that I get to see my family an awful lot more than I normally would be able to. Which means that I'm more likely to be around when Graydon does something incredibly sweet and totally unprompted. Like, say, feeding his little brother applesauce? Yeah, that'll work.

Or the way he kept giving his mom a big hug, walking away and then running back to give her another big hug.

Parenting has its moments that are little tiny gems, they sparkle with the special new-ness that children bring to them.

I have never been as completely happy as I've been when I play with my children. Graydon loves to flop around on our bed, Sully likes to try and chase him. They both end up laughing like little maniacs and I do too.

Yesterday I put Grady's tent on our bed and, at one point, we had Grady, Sully, Momma and Poppa all in the tent at once. I look forward to and dread Sully getting his walking papers and starting to really motor around. Hopefully Grady will have started to listen a little better by then.