Playdates, Skipped Naps and Sleeping in Funny Positions

Playing in BedOne superb benefit of being out of work presently is that I get to see my family alot more. And I adore my family.

Graydon is the current star these days but that's because he's so active and engaged in everything. He's a sweet and funny little boy who loves to dance, doesn't share as well as he could yet and occasionally behaves like a really, really annoying little kid. But that's to be expected since he IS, after all, a two and a half year old.

Yesterday we had a playdate over for most of the day. One of Grady's first pals and they played and played and played and played some more for good measure. They did bubbles, trains (a couple of times), play dough, played with Nande and the dogs from next door, did some crafty stuff and really just had a great time playing. And neither of the boys took naps.

So, by the end of the day, Grady was one tired pup. While we ate a little dinner and fed Sully, he curled up in the rocking chair and promptly fell asleep. At a little after 6! He barely put up a fuss when I did carry him up to bed. The norm is at least a few attempts to stay up. We put a child gate across the doorway and he'll come to it and make noises until one of us goes to check on him. Sometimes he pretends he needs to poop or that his toe hurts. Or that he's missing his taggy, his Hanes only taggy. Nothing else will do.

Smart parents keep an eye on those taggies as bedtime approaches because he'll sometimes hide them on purpose to stay up longer to "look" for them. Clever little kid. I do like it when he starts running laps in the living room to keep from getting a diaper change and his pajamas put on.

Sully, on the other hand, is the incredible wiggling kid. He is almost impossible to dress because he just squirms and wiggles and never, ever, ever stops moving. Oh yeah, he's also a demon on the stairs now. He can scramble up them pretty fast, so the gate gets deployed everywhere these days.