A Parental No-Brainer

Vote on `.xxx' Internet address nears.

Putting all pornographic content behind .xxx domains makes total sense to me. There really isn't any argument that could be made to change my mind that this is a good idea.

Domains worried about losing their registration would get assurances that they would automatically get their domains. The .com domains would automatically forward would-be surfers to a lead-in page where age was verified and notification of the change to the .xxx domain would be made.

This would be easy to filter out of computers that kids have access to. It would be easy to disallow surfing to porn sites while at the public library and it would also allow the searching and surfing of sites dedicated to breast cancer because they wouldn't fall into the pron .xxx domain scheme.

I can't see how anyone would be against the creation of a real virtual red light district. There's always been one, this just puts it on the map and makes it easier to find or avoid, as the desire may be. No extra fees as in previous attempts to do this, just straight costs