The 24/7 Anna Nicole Smith's Body Channel

Did you know that there are probably three stations in your cable lineup this moment that are discussing the details of what to do with Anna Nicole Smith's body?

Normally the media circus goes away when a person like Anna Nicole dies but not now, now there's a two headed circus of ever-increasing lunacy. On the one hand is the fight to bury her body in Texas or in the Bahamas. Texas is favored by her mother whom she detested and had excommunicated from her life. On the other hand is the paternity of the baby.

Really, it is a much bigger story than Tyra looking chubby in her swimsuit. MUCH bigger. In spite of much screeching to the contrary from Ms. Crazyeyes herself.

Years from now people will talk about the OJ trial and the Anna Nicole's body trial in the same breath.

This sordid and slow motion freak show has served only one good interest so far, write a will. Write one out and then keep it updated.

I shouldn't care about the squabbling over her body but its just so grotesque that it is all but impossible to not pay a little bit of attention to it.