Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and concern in the wake of my most recent work layoff. I am doing alright, just spending alot of time offline with my family while I can. Yesterday we went down to Monterey to go to the aquarium because our passes are just about ready to expire.

Grady has a set trail he hits at the aquarium and he ran from place to place at speed. My wife enjoyed the trip far more because I was doing the chasing and she was enjoying the relative calm with Sully.

I won't lie and say that I'm thrilled to be out of work but it is not the worst thing that could have happened. I am most bummed about not being able to be on the frontlines with my clients especially since one of them is poised to change how we all "internet" and to take some of the advertising thunder back from Google and put it back in the content creator's pockets, which would be nice.

But I definitely do not miss my morning slog to Scotts Valley on these cold, wet days.

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