Goldarned Hippies and Their Free LoveCoffee

A Kirkland cafe with no prices on the menu and no requirement to even pay at all. Except the other "customers" will give you the evil eye for not ponying up a buck or two for your coffee.

A strange business model, to be sure, but it is apparently working and actually creates a self-policing state in the store.

The average payment per customer is $3 and they serve up to 80 customers per day. That's not a ton of money coming in but the owner says that once he gets to 100 a day, he'll be making a profit on the place.

Some customers love the idea of setting their own prices even if that price is higher than what they'd pay at Starbucks, because the coffeeshop is allowing them the option to pay what they want. Its a very interesting social and business experiment.

I will expect a similar coffee shop in downtown Santa Cruz next.