Time for a Little Cheese Flavored Late Night Snack

Time for a little Cheddar X, It's Cheesier

1. What are your numbers?
I'm partial to 3's but I also still like 9 and 11 because that's my birthday.

2. What are your words?
I've got lots of words, ones that I made up (like secrutiny and or urbal) and words someone else got to first, like nictitating, malodorous and chunder.

3. What are your names?
For boys - Alexander, Davis, Graydon and Sullivan (of course)
For girls - Cassandra, Nina, Michelle and Chastity (but only if she's got really loose morals because I like irony!)

4. What are your days?
Easy, Saturday and Sunday.

5. What are your colors?
Greens are good.

6. What are your flavors?
Cinnamon, basil, garlic, teriyaki, pineapple grilled on top of marinated skirt steak.

7. What are your scents?
Basil, sweat (my own, thanks), campfires, lime and mint mashed together (as in mixing up some mojitos), freshly cut grass and freshly cut wood.

8. What are your sounds?
Children's laughter, my motorcycle at 10,000 rpm, dead silence at 10 pm (nothing like sleeping kids!), the hum of bike tires during a high speed descent and the crack of a baseball bat when one of the Giants crushes the ball!

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