Snapshot Retrospective Month Meme

I like memes and this one is a good one since its a cut & paste meme and not so much a come up with genius meme (which is hard to do late at night when you're supposed to be sleeping). Anyway, I found this over at the Midvale School for the Gifted Alumni Association: 2006 in Review. The game is played thusly, Go through your archives for the year, and post the first sentence from the first post that month. A little fortune telling, perhaps, some patterns revealed? At any rate, here's my year in 12 succinct sentences. The month is a link to the original entry.

January: So far this new whippersnapper year looks an awful lot like its outgoing predecessor, 2005.
February: Bureaucrazy - government run by crazy people.
March: So, there's brand new news that George W. Bush, the most vacant president of our time, was fully briefed about the looming disaster of Katrina.
April: Jeff Fucking Passan is the new head baseball writer for Yahoo! Sports and makes not even the slightest nod to any pretense of editorial objectivity in his slash and slander columns.
May: I don't get some online companies.
June: Barry Bonds has taken over sole possession of the #2 spot on the all-time home run list after crushing a ball against the Rockies.
July: Drunk and Jacking Off is No Way to Drive but it is apparently acceptable if you happen to also be an NBA star driving your Escalade drunk, jacking off to a porn being played on your dash video system and plowing into some dude's Suburban.
August: That's right, kids, you too can be a stripper who fights crime!
September: Some atmospheric good news to share, Images: NASA says ozone layer is healing.
October: Foley's Exchange With Underage Page wherein the creep-factor goes clean off the scale.
November: Uninformed - I have this thing in my brain that refuses to see the uniformed as someone wearing a uniform, I almost always read it as un-informed.
December: Have you noticed a radical upswing in the volume of spam lately?

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