Nursing a Football Hangover

The AFC/NFC Championship Game Weekend signals a big party for friends and folks that all play in our local football pool. Because everyone goes everywhere for the Super Bowl, we have our season party this last weekend to celebrate and have a good time. And chow down on ribs, steaks, burgers, let the dogs play together, let the kids get rambunctious and to catch up since we've all mostly moved out of the old neighborhood and its hard to stay in touch.

Congratulations to the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. The Bears beatdown on the Saints was a decent game until it got out of reach and then it was just watching to see if I could win a quarter or the final game score off the sheet. I didn't end up winning anything but that's alright. Nande had a blast playing with the other dogs, Grady had a blast being the kid of the party and everyone loved holding Sully because he's such a sweet and good natured kid.

The Colts and Pats game ended up being much better than I anticipated and we actually had to leave the party midway through that game to get the kids home for some downtime before they melted down.

Grady was so tired he was asleep in the car before we'd even pulled away from the curb. And he would have slept straight through the night if we'd let him. But we let him sleep for a couple of hours before getting him up for some dinner and so he'd sleep through the night. And Sully was ready to nap as well, he didn't crash so quickly or so heavily but he was down too. And I was ready to crash but I had to pilot the family home first. And then I got to rest. And it was good.

As always, Monday morning got here too soon and I'm not ready to go back to work just yet but that's not really my choice. This will be a very big week ahead but it should be a good week and I'm looking forward to coming up to speed with another new client. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wouldn't mind a full day to do nothing but lay in bed and rest up.

The Super Bowl looks to be a good one with Defense against Offense in Bears vs. Colts. If good Rex shows up then the Bears will roll right over the Colts. But if bad Rex shows up then it'll be a shootout that'll be decided by turnovers.

Either way, it'll be a good game and we had a great time at the football pool party.

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