Nande's Third Birthday

One way I know Christmas will be here soon is when Nande, my big dog, has a birthday. She was born by emergency surgery on the 23rd of December three years ago. One of a litter of twelve that were a gradient scale between Catahoula and Rottie. Some had the two toned eye thing going, some had the exact coloring of the full sized Rotts. And all were pretty funny and sweet.

Anyway, that was three years ago now. She's a full grown and fully in her prime hound dog and its easy to forget that she really is in the best shape of her life. Its easier to remember when you go out for a few miles of trail riding.

On her third birthday, we spent a good chunk of the day riding around in the mud, crossing streams and tearing along trails. I got to see her in action, she's amazingly fast on a trail, easily able to outrun me on a flat and even on a downhill. The ride was fun too, intersparsed with ample opportunity for her to pal around with Brady, my pal's big black lab.

I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to go out and ride with her. If the weather would stop with the rain for a day or two then I might get another ride in before going back to work.

Sadly we did not have a chance to get out and bike and run again. We did get out to the dog park a bunch of days in a row. Oh how I cannot wait to move back to town.

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