Curiosity Peed on the Cat

Life with toddlers. If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about. Life with toddlers and babies requires a pretty sharp shift of lifestyle and habits. And you might as well pack up your humility and put it on the shelf for next 18 years.

Case in point, I was in the bathroom a little while ago draining off some excess liquids, when Grady turned it into an impromptu potty-training field trip. I didn't really have a choice in the matter since closed doors mean nothing to Grady and I hadn't bothered to put up the gate across the bathroom.

So, there I am, peeing and coming under intense scrutiny from my son. He was so interested in the process that he switched sides and got a look from the other side as well.

Yes, peeing in front of your children, just one of the myriad joys of becoming a parent. Along with the full and unconditional surrender of any other private moments you used to enjoy before these little creatures took over your reality.

That and becoming concerned about the price of diapers, having enough wipes (running out is a serious, serious drag) and, most importantly, not running out of formula because there is nothing like a baby who wants his bottle and there isn't any formula in the house to make one for him.

But I still wouldn't trade a single moment of it for anything. Except on those mornings when I get woken up by cold feet in the small of my back at 3:30 am. And the exploding poop filled diapers, yeah, I could do without those too.

And then the Fruit Dance comes on Sesame Street and Grady gets his groove on and all that not so fun stuff is forgotten

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