The Other Option was to Shove the Shortest Man In

The World's Tallest Man Saves Chinese Dolphins. Which reads like a farcical joke of some sort. But the reality is that Bao Xishun, a seven foot nine inch herdsman, reached into their stomachs with his nearly 42 inch long arm and pulled out some plastic that they'd eaten off the side of their tank and was going to cause them serious distress and could end up killing them.

Of course, my title is farcical but that's because I'm that kind of guy. And I wonder what the meeting was like when they came up with the idea of using Bao and his three and a half foot long arms to do this.

The reason they needed him was because medical instruments were having trouble navigating their way into the dolphin's stomachs (I guess the path is somewhat convoluted).

In other Chinese dolphin news, the Yangtze dolphin, or baiji or Chinese river dolphin, has been officially classified as functionally extinct.

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