Let's Just Call Him A. Dick From Now On

Andy Dick Apologizes for Racial Slur because he thought it would be funny to joke about Michael Richards' recent loss of control and spewing of The N-Word (queue the Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnnn music). He was at a comedy club and jumped up on stage and shouted that everyone in the audience was a bunch of n******.

He was, apparently, tired of Michael Richards getting all that hot, juicy publicity from his recent tirade and, since Dick has done, well, dick'all lately, he tried to steal the "spotlight".

Andy Dick is another one of those D-List celebrities that doesn't deserve even a tiny bit of his "star" power. The guy's a fucking moron who craves attention and figured this was a good way to gain some notoriety.

Let's just call him A. Dick from now on and dispense with the pretense. Or let's ignore him, along with other D-List loser, Kathy Griffin, an amazingly unfunny and un-entertaining personality.