They Needed the Money for an Extra Large Set of Brass Balls

Couple is unrepentant about sale of Katrina home given them by a church on the basis of the belief that they had lost everything during the hurricane. The couple never moved in and turned around and sold the house for cash.

Some thoughts, the couple involved are scumbags capitalizing on good will but the church people got taken because they didn't use a contract. Even a simple contract would have prevented the people from taking possession without any intent to occupy the building. But the church gave it away free and clear and, though Delores Thompson is a scumbag for doing it, there wasn't anything illegal about it, apparently. Legal proceedings are expensive, maybe they should just drain her of the $88K she took from them though that means dropping a whole bunch more money. But then, I'm not a church group giving away houses to the needy, they may have a different perspective.

But who knows, people like her should be caught and punished for being such utterly contemptible humans.

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