Nicole Richie, Are You Paying Attention?

Spain ban on skinny models shocks fashion world and scares drug-addled nimrod princesses to their icy cores.

So yes, you can be too thin, its called scrawny and its not appealling or realistic at all. Not everyone can subscribe to the cigarettes, coke and popcorn diet like supermodels.

And yeah, the photo with the story is pretty clear reasoning behind this "revolution". Yoiks, girl, eat a sandwich (and keep it down). And maybe, just maybe, this is the turning point in the battle to raise children with healthy body images instead of the skeleton in a sack look.

So yes, you can be too thin, the jury is still out on whether or not you can be too rich.

[Update: /J adds this horrific series of pictures ably demonstrating just how nasty the scrawny can look. Nicole Richie's recent bikini photos. Not sexy. At. All. Just nasty.]

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