New Mattress

So we finally got a chance to replace our aged and bulbous mattress. We ended up opting for a CostCo Novaform Elite foam mattress for a couple of reasons. The best being that CostCo has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that we can take the sucker back if we hate it. Which would be a colossal pain in the ass now that its opened up and unfolded into its full size. But we could if we wanted to, though I don't think we will want to at this point. The other really nice thing is that it was more thann a hundred bucks cheaper than the website said it would be, that's always a good thing.

It was a trip to haul the big box upstairs and slice it open. The mattress comes all folded up and shrunken down but it starts "inhaling" air as the bag containing it is cut. Until it expands up to 12 inches thick and a full Cal-King sized mattress. It didn't take very long and the forewarned smell was pretty easy to deal with. But we did initially unfold it upside down. The underfoam is not quite as cushy as the sleeping surface foam.

Its just the first night on it but it was nice. Comfortable without being mushy and not too warm at all. Just a supportive and comfortable surface that made it pretty easy to find a good spot to sleep in.

I'm not sure if I'm better rested today as I was woken up by Graydon using my back as a kickplate but I do feel like I slept better during the night.

Now I just need to get to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and get rolling faster. Its hard though, there's heavy morning fog and thick traffic to work through. Not much fun right now but that's alright. In the short term, it'll work and we'll soon have some new neighbors too. That'll be nice.

What I need to start doing is writing out all of my house projects again so I can start crossing them off and get this place into ready-to-sell shape. But it sure is nice to start out the day with a decent night of sleep to build on for the day.

And it's Bagel Day at the office so that helps too!

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