Cursed Themesongs

Graydon and I watched JoJo's Circus together this morning and I am having some trouble getting the theme song out of my brain now.

Its not a show I really like either because they tend to pander to the kids watching it though its not anywhere near as bad as the pap that is Mickey's Clubhouse. That show annoys the hell out of me. But even that irritation is a mere shadow of how much I dislike Barney and the Teletubbies. And the kid's stoner show, Its A Big, Big World where the main character is a tree sloth who sounds like he fell in a vat of slowdown juice as a baby.

Anyway, I've got the earworm going this morning so I think I'm gonna pop on my headphones and crank out a little real music to see if I can displace the crap with some good stuff.