Ticketmaster Deserves to Lose

From Techdirt: Apparently Ticketmaster Doesn't Like Having Competition because that means they don't make as much ridiculous money from their fee system.

Whoever thought it was funny to add a "convenience fee" to Ticketmaster's already overpriced sales system should be kicked square in the junk by every single person who's had to pay it. Convenience fee was the best they could come up with? How about something that actually sounds like something people wouldn't have too much of a problem paying? Like, say, a recovery fee or a recycling fee or a profit fee? No wait, that last one wouldn't fly. Heck, how about a usage fee if they are so gung-ho on milking people for more money.

Anyway, Ticketmaster is trying to get the laws changed on selling tickets so that they regain their monopoly status and can resume charging people fees without any regard for competition or fairness.

I, personally, will go out of my way to avoid Ticketmaster like the plague they are.

I can't remember if it was Ticketmaster or not but I wanted to print out some tickets that I'd purchased online and the company wanted to charge me an extra $3 per ticket for the privilege of printing them myself. Which was just asinine, they should have given me a three buck credit for not taxing their system and putting the burden of printing on them. Stupid, short sighted and greedy, yep, must have been Ticketmaster.