Just so people don't think I'm completely off my nut and foaming at the mouth about people I've never met cheating at a cycling event I've never been to, I wanted to make a quick extra post to clarify things.

Here is the center of my world. Well, him, his little brother and his mom, my wife. They are what I would go completely off my nut and foaming at the mouth for.

While I may have strong opinions about things like cheating in professional sports, I'm also pretty firmly grounded in my reality. That is, my family and doing everything I can to love and enjoy every moment I spend with them.

Even more so now that I'm back working and lose such a large chunk of my time with them everyday. Its a damned shame that people can't spend all their time with their kids and family. It really is. Think about what fantastic human beings we could raise if we were able to be there with them all the time.

But the pay, just like pay for the people who are hired to instruct them, sucks. While people in glass towers make millions and millions for shuffling goods around and figuring out some way to screw someone else. Or some preddiot (yes, that's pretty idiot, that post'll come tomorrow) that literally does nothing of any value and yet is worshipped like a freakin' goddess.

And then I remember where my focus lies and where it should be. On him, on my baby boy and on my wife (and Nande, of course) and on making our lives as full and fun and fantastic as possible.