How Quickly They Turn

Spraying Poppa
If I'd known how much better iPhoto 6 was than iPhoto 4 (the clunker I've been coping with) then I would have upgraded many months ago. Its faster, deals with large photo libraries much better and looks better too.

It took a little massaging to get it working properly due to some user install errors but is now up and running smoothly for me.

And I got to upload all of the photos in my camera that had been sitting for a little while. This was among them, Graydon learned how to use the spraygun on the hose and almost immediately tried to turn it on me. But I had my crazy hose hound to jump in and take the hit for me. It was great fun to watch Graydon spray Nande with the hose and she loved the attention and the fun.

I can see these two being pals for a long, long time. If only we can convince him to stop pulling on her tail.

And yes, I did manage to stay (mostly) dry.

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