Driving Slow in the Fast Lane

The fastlane is for driving faster than the slowlane, its not that damned complicated but it might as well be brain surgery.

Are you really that fucking dense that you're incapable of noticing that you're doing under the goddamned speed limit in the fast lane? Are you so absorbed in your fucking reality that you don't notice all those cars coming up to pass you in the slow lane, giving you dirty looks each time? Would a giant foam middle finger deployed in your face help you to recognize that you're a goddamned road hazard?

How about if I pull in front of you and slow down to forty miles an hour? Would that help you realize that you are the problem? That you are the cause of road rage and accidents because of your determined need to block the fast lane with your piece of shit car that doesn't go over 60 miles an hour?

No? I didn't think so.

The same goes for the teenage poser fuck with his hat on sideways in his Honda with a stupidass huge spoiler on the back, a hand on his chin and a resolute inability to push the accelerator down, at all. And he's got to drive in the fast lane because he's such a fucking stud and only losers travel in the slow lane regardless of the fact that he's not even going the goddamned speed limit.

Sometimes I really hate living where I do. The pervasive fuck-you mentality is just tiring to put up with.

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