The Coolest Damn Google Maps Mash-Up Ever

Okay, this is about the sweetest thing I've ever seen done with Google Maps. Its a combination of Google Maps with a real estate database that tells you exactly what your house is worth now, what its been worth, how much houses in your neighborhood are worth and more.

It is simply too fucking cool for words. Just go try it out and see how ridiculously overpriced houses are in your neighborhood. Or is that just mine where houses are all going for $600K?

Go check it out now. Its called Zillow and it is going to save us a crapload of money when we sell this place and buy a new place.

A big thanks to the3ph17 for mentioning it to me tonight. We finally met up for a beer after work and it was a pleasure hanging out with him. Next time let's get together in a place where its not so noisy, eh?

PS It had already been posted to MeFi. Three times.

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