Its pretty well official now, Floyd Landis' miracle comeback on Stage 17 of the Tour de France was artificially inspired and he has been pretty well completely shamed as a cheater and will not be lauded as the winner of the toughest bike race on the planet. Instead he will be, rightfully, shamed as a big fat (figuratively) cheater. Which he is.

What pisses me off about this garbage is the asshole athletes thinking that they are going to get away with cheating at these levels. He knew he was going to get vigourously tested and he cheated anyway. And now Oscar Pereiro, the real winner of the Tour, does not get his parades and untainted accolades as he deserves.

So, it will be made official soon, Landis' "Title" to be Stripped and his response? "I didn't cheat and my lawyers are gonna prove it, so there." To which my reply is, "Two positive results equal you're a cheater and a liar. No please just go the fuck away, you stinking cheat."

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